The London Coffee Festival returns from 31 March —...

The London Coffee Festival returns from 31 March — 3 April at Truman Brewery

The 2022 London Coffee Festival is held from 31 March to 3 April and will feature over 250 stalls, tastings, and demonstrations. Over 30,000 coffee professionals are expected to gather this year to celebrate London’s vibrant coffee culture.

Allegra Events is a global leader in creating immersive, interactive events throughout numerous sectors, including the coffee industry. Allegra’s global Coffee Festivals – including New York, Amsterdam, and Milan – attract thousands of annual visitors.

Events at the 2022 London Coffee Festival will include competitions such as Coffee Masters, Latte Art Live, and Global Coffee School Live. Other events set to take place will be Sustainable Coffee Flight and the new UK Coffee Awards – celebrating excellence in the UK coffee industry.

To register and learn more, visit the London Coffee Festival website.