PicoBrew: A Smart Kit to Brew Coffee, Tea and More...

PicoBrew: A Smart Kit to Brew Coffee, Tea and More

Seattle-based craft brewing technology company PicoBrew has launched a revolutionary kitchen countertop appliance, Pico MultiBrew. It is capable of brewing coffee, tea, beer and other specialty drinks like horchata in various sizes without sacrificing taste thanks to its advanced software.

The machine features a convenient yet precise brewing of a single cup or full carafe of coffee or tea. Based on the company’s patented technology, the brew programmes are designed to tailor to each type of coffee, which offers users more control over their home-brewing experience.

The company plans to create a catalogue of beverage recipes so that customers can download right on a wifi-connected MultiBrew and make themselves a drink of choice. Furthermore, it will add more original recipes to brew other high-quality drinks such as Chai and golden milk, in serving sizes from cup to keg.

Pre-orders for Pico MultiBrew will be available this Fall in the USA.

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