Sugar Coated Popsicles with Sickness Inside?

Sugar Coated Popsicles with Sickness Inside?

An installation entitled Do No Harm by Mixed Media artist Miss Bugs is to be launched at Jealous Gallery in London again. 900 colorful popsicles that contain a range of pharmaceuticals will be displayed as a critique of obsession with digital technology and overconsumption of social media today.

The irony name Do No Harm implies the unsound performance in today’s networks and social dialogues, which comes from the Hippocratic Oath where doctors promise to do nothing deliberately to patients. As Miss Bugs highlighted, “Algorithms mean one becomes stuck in their own ‘echo chamber’, and can only gain access to content that has been externally chosen to be suitable for them.”

The popsicles will be exhibited of pharmaceutical pattern. Each popsicle consists of three layers of resin in different colors, while involving a mix of surgical blades, Viagra, syringes and various painkillers. 

Miss Bugs said: The ice lollies represent the churn of the social network; the posed selfies, the frothy coffee top photos and the cute animal videos side of the internet that we all like to binge on, but inside it’s rotten and sick. Digital technology whilst being a sweetener in our lives perpetually distracts us with a constant, addictive stream of information and temptation. The internet becomes a space where reason and logic are trumped by fake news, and people with extremes of opinion can shout each other down. The candy on the outside sugar coats the sickness within.


Do No Harm 

4-29 September 2019

Jealous Gallery Crouch End

27 Park Rd, Crouch End, London N8 8TE


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