Nitron2 Cold Draft: Innovate for Tastes!

Nitron2 Cold Draft: Innovate for Tastes!

Nitron2 Cold Draft System from BUNN drew a lot of attention at the Host Milano with its sleek appearance and innovative system. The product features chrome-plated brass tap handles and optional LED-lighted door graphics, and uses keg-free system — no gas tank but an air compressor to generate nitrogen directly from the air, which can make it an ideal platform for delivering an authentic cold brew taste without the need for a complex or lengthy brewing process.

The machine has two taps which can be customized to Nitro/Still and All-nitro. The nitro-infused tap can produce cascade micro-bubbles for a long-lasting time.

Thanks to the patented High Intensity technology, the machine can bring your beverage  the classic stout-like taste and a soft, velvety mouthfeel.

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