Eversys Opens Office in Dubai

Last month, Martin Strehl, CEO of Eversys, and Christian Haueter, Commercial Director, announced a new office opening in Dubai to better meet the market’s needs in the Middle East, India, and North Africa (MEIA) region.

Optimism across the Middle East for the future of the branded coffee shop market is high, with long-term growth anticipated. As the cradle of coffee culture as we know it today, the Middle East has an ingrained coffee tradition, with coffee shops traditionally understood as meeting points and community hubs. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable, willing to embrace the specialty coffee experience, and highly receptive to fast-evolving out-ot-home coffee concepts.

Until recently, Federico Ortile – Regional Business Development Director – and Jack Mhanna – Regional Operations Director – worked in the region’s De’Longhi’s main office.

“For eight months, we looked for a location. We finally found the perfect place, close to the Dubai Downtown coffee community, to become a point of reference and boost interaction and knowledge. We want to bring the Eversys technology, values, and DNA to future generations in the region. It is easy to access, and there is a lot of light and space,” explain Mr. Ortile and Mr. Mhanna.

The new office will allow clients in Dubai to discover an Eversys showroom with all its Super Traditional range as well as a lab experience.

“It was spectacular to celebrate the opening of The Eversys MElA office and to have our colleagues, CEO, and Directors celebrate with us from The Head Office in Switzerland. We chose Dubai as it has a vibrant business ecosystem and is an ideal hub to support the regional coffee community. Going that extra mile to achieve lots in such a short period was challenging, but it was an amazing journey, and extraordinary to see new milestones achieved. We want to express our immense gratitude to the broader Eversys team and DeLonghi Group, who supported the MEIA Team at every stage and helped make all of this possible,” says Mr. Ortile.

The handover of the regional management from Kamal Bengougam to our Commercial Director Christian Haueter was concluded on 8th November. An activity plan has been put into place to work on the upcoming strategic topics for the region.