Cropster Publishes Its 2nd Edition of “Specialty C...

Cropster Publishes Its 2nd Edition of “Specialty Coffee” Book

Firstly published in 2012, the new edition book “Specialty Coffee — Managing Quality” by Cropster is released recently, which has been carefully revised to show a wide range of advancements in coffee and related researches, including both information and technology.

The book features three parts: Background and concepts, crop management, and value chain management. It’s said that about 40 leading figures, such as researchers and scholars from the academic, private, and non-profit sectors, have contributed to the book.

According to Cropster’s announcement, the book is believed to appeal to anyone with an interest in understanding the vast range of factors that affect coffee quality, from breeding and plant genetics through to production, processing and grower buyer relations, and business models, right through to preparation of the cup.

A glimpse of the topics:

  • The evolving demand for coffee over the past few centuries and the rise of quality and distinctive specialty coffees.
  • The issues of low producer prices and the role of specialty coffees in raising them.
  • The most significant advances made in breeding over the last 7 years in the context of climate change.
  • The current status of knowledge on the physiology and development of coffee with an emphasis on quality.
  • The entry points for digital farming and post-harvest management.
  • How to reliably evaluate and measure coffee quality at different stages along the supply chain.


Cropster is well-known for its software and digital solutions for coffee roasters, traders, producers, etc. Throughout the supply chain. Its application is widely used among coffee people as a community. The book is priced at US$90 included tax (USA).

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