Brazilian Grupo 3corações Acquires Mitsui Alimento...

Brazilian Grupo 3corações Acquires Mitsui Alimentos

Photo: Grupo 3corações

Grupo 3corações (3C) is acquiring Mitsui Alimentos for about US$48 million as both are one of the largest coffee companies in Brazil, the world’s second-largest coffee producing country. As the fifth-largest coffee company in Brazil, Mitsui Alimentos was owned by the Japanese company Mitsui & Co. with a total income of US$62 million in 2019.

3C is jointly owned by Israel’s Strauss Coffee and Brazil’s Sao Miguel FIP equity fund. It is the largest coffee roasting company in Brazil as its annual domestic consumption is expected to reach 23.5 million bags (60kg).

According to 3C, the green bean export business of Mitsui Alimento will remain under the control of Mitsui & Co.