Conundrum Coffee Tasting Room by Toddy is More Tha...

Conundrum Coffee Tasting Room by Toddy is More Than a Coffee Shop

Photo: Scott Borger, courtesy of Toddy

Come and meet with the new Conundrum Coffee Tasting Room by Toddy. Located in East Loveland, Colorado, USA, it has been open to the public since late last year. If you consider this as a coffee shop, well, it’s way more than that. You can expect a normal latte or Americano here though no syrup is available. If you are interested in cold brews, you can expect a wide range of choices of both coffee and tea prepared differently.

According to Julia Leach, president of the cold brew equipment manufacturer Toddy, the tasting room serves up as a destination for those who are really interested in specialty coffee, especially cold brew coffee. It also offers house roasts with a selection of beans from other roasters. The menu for single origin coffees is on the rotate as customers can choose from different brewing methods, espresso-based drinks, pour-overs, cold brew, and nitro draft cold brew.

Photo: Scott Borger, courtesy of Toddy

Nine coffees are available on draft. If you aim for a quick visit, an can seamer from Oktober Design will give you a surprise: Grab some fresh canned cold brew to go. The coffee lovers are much welcomed if they have a list of questions to ask. The tasting room is also functional as it can be used for professional coffee classes and private occasions.

Leach said, “Before, Conundrum was more of a lab and an employee lounge for our staff. We want to use Conundrum to be able to invite in local folks and have better community outreach.”

If you wonder how to roast for cold brew, you may find answers here too. As Leach reveals, the important factors about is are “carefully roasted coffee, fresh and quality coffee”.

Address: 3706 Aldrin Dr in Loveland, Colorado, USA

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 7am-2:30pm