A Guide Book on “Not Wasting Coffee”

A Guide Book on “Not Wasting Coffee”

The talk on the sustainability of the coffee world never stops. More and more countries pay attention to the recycling of wastes nowadays. Sponsored by Faema, The @wastingcoffee Guide to Not Wasting Coffee by Umeko Motoyoshi is a full guide that every coffee lover and people in the industry should have or at least read.

The guide was released during an event at Faema’s pop-up cafe in New York. Motoyoshi also held a workshop, which gave a step-by-step introduction of sustainable alternatives to industry standards, ranging from green bean buying to brewing or latte art. The guide is designed into a reference book style for readers who want to know more about waste reduction.

Motoyoshi has worked in the coffee industry for a long time. According to Motoyoshi, the book will help coffee shops and businesses improve quailty as well as reduce wastes and costs.

Here are five tips from Motoyoshi:

  1. Delicious coffee solids that don’t get extracted are wasted.
  2. Freeze coffee.
  3. Reduce batch sizes.
  4. Connect with a group or business that will gather your coffee grounds for farming purposes.
  5. By all means, keeping having latte throwdowns! But make sure they’re zero-wastes.

If you want to know more details on this topics, simply order Motoyoshi’s book online or find her on Instagram (@wastingcoffee).