WOAH! Protein: A Guilty-free Dessert

WOAH! Protein: A Guilty-free Dessert

WOAH! Protein achieves success in Singapore with its novel protein ice cream containing L-leucine which is an essential amino acid. According to Edward Foo, WOAH! Protein’s founder, L-leucine can help stimulate protein synthesis, reduce muscle degeneration, and assist in building muscle mass, but it can not be produced by our own body. For now, people can eat it from an ice-cream. Foo said, one serving or 100g of the ice cream offers 11.7g of protein and 4g of L-leucine.

The ice cream is lower in calorie, carbohydrate and sugar which is a healthier choice for all ages, even suitable for certain patients. Furthermore, Foo said, it tastes as good as any other ice cream on the market.

Launched in Singapore last July at selected NTUC outlets and Nutrition Depot, WOAH! Protein is priced at SG$19.9 (US$14). Foo’s next step is to have their products available across all platforms, even in other regions of Asia, and to develop more high protein foods like frozen yogurt by 2020.