3rd Tea Masters Cup International determined the winners of 2016-2017 cycle.


Already 3rd Tea Masters Cup International (TMCI) successfully took place at the 7th International Tea Forum and Expo in Enshi in China, Hubei province.


During three days of 25-27 September the best tea masters, winners of national rounds of 15 countries, showed their skills and presented their innovative ideas in front of 8 judges, famous tea experts from all around the world. Countries who joined the 2016-2017 cycle are Australia and New Zealand, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam. The program of TMCI consisted of competitions in four categories: Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting. The guests of championship could also attend a presentation about Turkish tea from Caykur company, one of the world tea leader, as well as several Chinese tea ceremonies, which showed the traditions of different regions of China.


Tea Masters Cup International 2017 was organised in cooperation with the China Chamber of Commerce of I&E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CFNA) and Hubei province, traditionally 3rd time supported by Çaykur company, and with partnership of Lichuan Jinli Tea Co., Ltd, Hubei Tea Group Co., Ltd, Wangfu Tea House Group, Enshi Rainbow International Rich-selenium Tea Co., Ltd, Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower Tea Co., Ltd and Enshi Jimei Selenium Tea Culture Co., Ltd.



Tea Preparation category consisted of two stages: preparing and serving Organiser’s tea and Master’s tea. The winner of Tea Preparation category in Tea Masters Cup International 2017 is Dmytro Filimonov from Ukraine. The second prize was given to Andrei Ivanov from Latvia. The third place was given to Alissiia Daineko, Russia.


Tea Pairing category consisted of serving Organiser’s composition and Master’s composition. First place is for Andrei Ivanov, Latvia. The second and the third places are for Dorothy Chan from Australia and Dave Lim from Singapore accordingly.


Tea Mixology, which was conceived and added to the International championship this year, had a great and bright launch. The best Organiser’s and Master’s mix were made by Katerina Vymazalova, Czech Republic. The second place was awarded to Valerio Vitiello, Italy. The third prize went to Tatyana Filimonova, Russia.



Tea Tasting contained two stages as well: degustation by identifying tea samples of pure teas and multi-ingredient beverage. First place – Jakub Rysavy (Czech Republic), second place – Andrei Ivanov (Latvia), third place – Dmytro Filimonov (Ukraine).


After the competitions all the participants and guests of TMCI 2017 could join the Tea Tour around the tea plantations and tea factories in cities of Enshi and Yichang, province of Hubei. A unique opportunity to meet tea people and to know the technologies of producing wonderful and famous Chinese tea was a good final point for Tea Masters experience. Together with amazing nature and warm reception of China, that Tea Masters Cup International was a special and unforgettable.


We will be happy to welcome you in the next 2017-2018 Tea Masters Cup cycle. Join us!


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