Southeastern Roastery Receives USDA Organic and Sm...

Southeastern Roastery Receives USDA Organic and Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certificate

Southeastern Roastery, a Baltimore City based coffee roaster and co-packer, is now USDA Organic and Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certified.

Led by Candy Schibli, CEO and Founder, Southeastern Roastery is a company committed to both a healthy environment and human existence, offering coffee buyers the chance to join in the support of biodiversity, ecological and human coexistence, and life balance from the farm level to roast production. It’s a company that mindfully cultivates the senses (TM) while offering wholesale, retail, white-label and online coffee service from the Mid-Atlantic region. For its consumers, Southeastern Roastery provides intentional indulgence with conscious impact.

The company intends to use these certifications as a platform to not only educate coffee drinkers about the importance of regenerative agriculture and ecological health by expanding its growth in the organic market, but also to give other sellers the opportunity to do the same through co-packing and white-label services.

“As a minority woman-owned company, I think it’s important to share these types of spaces with the diverse partners that we work with who are committed to the same values. It’s a plus when we can do this together to set tangible community building examples for the next generation,” says Candy.

Southeastern Roastery is the first black woman-owned USDA Organic Certified coffee roaster and co-packer.