Roast Magazine Launches Volume 2 of ‘The Book of R...

Roast Magazine Launches Volume 2 of ‘The Book of Roast’

PORTLAND, Ore. (April 2, 2024) — Roast is proud to release Volume 2 of The Book of Roast: The Craft of Coffee Roasting from Bean to Business, marking another milestone in its dedication to providing invaluable resources and insights for coffee roasters worldwide.

In 2004, when Roast first entered the publishing arena, the landscape of coffee roasting education was vastly different. Resources were scarce, and industry knowledge was fragmented. Recognizing this gap, Roast became a beacon of enlightenment, offering educational and informative articles to guide roasters through the complexities of their craft. This commitment to empowering roasters has resonated through the years and culminated in the publication of Volume 1 of The Book of Roast in 2017.

With Volume 2, Roast continues its mission to elevate the standards of coffee roasting education. Drawing upon years of editorial excellence and industry expertise, this volume presents a meticulously curated selection of articles delving deep into various facets of coffee production, processing, green coffee buying, roasting equipment, the science of roasting, techniques, cupping, sensory evaluation, and roasting business fundamentals.

“We recognized the importance of compiling our top-tier editorial content into a comprehensive resource for coffee roasters,” said Roast publisher Connie Blumhardt. “Volume 2 of The Book of Roast is a testament to our commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering excellence within the coffee roasting community.”

While updating content to reflect the evolution of the industry, Roast remains mindful of the temporal context of each article. The curated selection in Volume 2 offers readers the most relevant and useful information for aspiring and professional coffee roasters, providing insights into roasting techniques, green coffee sourcing practices, and much more.

The Book of Roast: Volume 2 invites readers to immerse themselves in the world of coffee roasting, whether they are newcomers seeking foundational knowledge or seasoned professionals aiming to expand their expertise,” added Roast editor Lily Kubota.

Priced at $125, The Book of Roast: Volume 2 is now available for purchase through the Roast website. For more information, visit

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