Palatti Coffee Launches Pour-Over Coffee Drippers...

Palatti Coffee Launches Pour-Over Coffee Drippers Crafted from Dehua Porcelain

Introducing Palatti Universal Coffee Dripper, a testament to the relentless pursuit of coffee perfection. Born from the ever-evolving landscape of coffee brewing, Palatti Coffee‘s drippers are not just vessels but gateways to a world of flavors waiting to be discovered.

Dive into the depths of coffee extraction with Terra, their reimagined trapezoidal dripper. Engineered for a medium-slow flow, Terra boasts towering ribs and a precisely supported bottom, ensuring a smooth extraction that enhances the richness of medium to dark roast beans.

Seeking balance and versatility? Look no further than Dune, Palatti Coffee’s interpretation of the classic flat-bottom dripper. With its undulating ribs and optimized base, Dune offers a medium flow rate, perfect for all types of coffee beans, delivering a harmonious and smooth taste in every cup.

For those craving vibrancy and agility, Mist awaits. Crafted for higher flow rates, Mist features wider spiral ribs and an optimized angle, ensuring rapid extraction that highlights the nuanced layers of light to medium roast beans.

But Palatti Coffee’s commitment doesn’t end with innovation; it extends to craftsmanship. Made from premium porcelain, their drippers embody elegance and quality, reflecting centuries of porcelain mastery from Dehua, China.

Join Palatti Coffee on a journey of discovery, where every combination of dripper, filter, and brewing method unlocks a new dimension of coffee exploration. With Palatti Universal Drippers, the possibilities are endless, and the journey, unforgettable.

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Source: Palatti Coffee