Announcing Starbucks Studios

As a long-time supporter of the arts, Starbucks believes in the power of creativity and storytelling to foster human connection and joy. As part of Starbucks ongoing appreciation and support of the arts, the company today announced Starbucks Studios, a new initiative that will produce original entertainment and tell stories that deepen connections and spark conversations.

“Starbucks Studios advances our mission to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection,” said Christy Cain, vice president, brand and partnerships marketing. “We’re honored to have the opportunity to shine a light on the stories and people who inspire us, from young, emerging artists to innovators, changemakers and others who are making a positive impact on the world.” Starbucks is teaming up with Sugar23, a multimedia production and talent management organization with a goal to move culture through entertainment. Together, Starbucks Studios and Sugar23 will amplify stories with the power to bring people together and spark moments of delight.

“Storytelling is deeply ingrained in what Starbucks does, and Starbucks Studios is a natural extension of these efforts. Together, we will harness the power of storytelling to foster connections, inspire change, and build a stronger sense of community,” said Michael Sugar, founder and CEO of Sugar23. “We’re excited to work alongside the incredible Starbucks team and invite all our collaborators in Hollywood and beyond to join us in creating premium entertainment.”

Starbucks History of Supporting Original Films and Series

Starbucks has a history of supporting original works that reflect its values. Past projects include two seasons of Upstanders – with the first debuting in 2016, followed by season 2 in 2017 – a series that highlights real people making a difference in their communities. In 2019, Hingakawa was released, telling the story of two women who found common ground through their shared livelihood of coffee and made the choice to rise above and choose forgiveness. Starbucks was also a producer of 2019’s This is Football, a six-part documentary that explores the emotions, stories, passions and triumphs at the heart of the world’s most loved sport.

Source: Starbucks