Official Pokemon Poke Ball Makes Real Ice Cream

Official Pokemon Poke Ball Makes Real Ice Cream

An interesting official Pokemon product is being released that will allow fans to make ice cream using a Poke Ball. The clever Pokemon contraption currently has two versions, and is safe for kids six years and older to use.

Pokemon has had a number of connections with ice cream and frozen confections over the years. Pokemon popsicles sold for outrageous prices due to high demand a few years ago, Vanillite and its evolutions look like ice cream, and official Pokemon ice cream confections have been sold on occasion. With summer rapidly approaching, this new product should make for a fun toy for kids to use, with a rewarding snack to enjoy for their efforts.

The Pokemon ice cream maker comes courtesy of toy brand Takara Tomy (via Nintendo Soup), and will launch on April 25, with pre-orders currently open. The toy is designed to work as a yo-yo, with the rapid movement of playing with it shaking up the ingredients inside until frozen. The toy comes complete with a recipe book, spoon, yo-yo handle, and either a standard Poke Ball or Master Ball. It costs 2640 yen, or $17.23 USD based on currency conversions at the time of writing.

The ball itself has two compartments; ice, water, and salt are added to the first compartment, which is then sealed off with a piece of plastic. Sugar, milk, cream, and flavoring are added to the top part, and then the top of the Poke Ball replica is closed over it. After that, the product is supposed to be used like a yo-yo for three minutes, with the swinging and up-and-down motion stirring together the ingredients and allowing the ice and salt to freeze the ice cream mixture.

Pokemon Sweets and Treats

In addition to ice cream, Pokemon has been highlighted on a number of desserts and pastries over the years. Fans regularly create Pokemon cakes, confections, and other impressive delights. The company has also seen many partnerships with companies like Mister Donut and Krispy Kreme offering Pokemon donuts. 7-Eleven has offered Pokemon onigiri to celebrate the launch of new games, and Universal Studios Japan has had Pokemon-themed dishes for park visitors. While the series has a bit of dark history of eating Pokemon, there’s plenty of lighter-hearted real-world ways to celebrate Pokemon with a snack, too.

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