Fellow Elevates Morning Rituals with Aiden, its Fi...

Fellow Elevates Morning Rituals with Aiden, its First Coffee Brewer

SAN FRANCISCO — April 12, 2024 — Fellow, the specialty beverage gear company helping elevate everyday rituals into moments that matter, today announces the presale of its first brewer, Aiden Precision Coffee Maker. Set to change the way at-home coffee is brewed, Aiden is designed for coffee lovers at every stage of their journey, seamlessly blending expert guidance with boundless opportunities for personal coffee exploration, allowing more people to make and enjoy great coffee.

“When it comes to crafting quality coffee at home, people have to either embrace the manual brew process for that perfect cup or settle for lackluster drip coffee. We created Aiden so no one has to compromise,” said Jake Miller, Founder and CEO of Fellow. “With Aiden, our mission is to cultivate a sense of connection and curiosity, empowering individuals to elevate their daily rituals into meaningful moments.”

Aiden is equipped with never-before-seen, state-of-the-art brewing features, wrapped in an awe-inspiring design destined for any countertop.

Pour-Over Quality

  • Built with two different brew baskets – batch brew and single serve – eliminating the need for multiple machines

  • Even water distribution over the grounds via an adjustable shower head

  • To-the-degree temperature control, up to 210°F / 99°C

Built-in Brewing & Dose Guidance (for beginners and experts)

  • Digital LCD screen display with scroll and select capabilities, complete with a general menu

  • Built-in, personalizable, and shareable brew profiles for different roast levels (light, medium, and dark)

  • Selectable water quantity up to 1.5 L

Substance & Style

  • Sleek, contemporary form fit for any countertop

  • Double-walled, stainless steel, thermal wide-mouth carafe (to drink now or later)

  • Nearly silent brewing capabilities

  • Silicone seal in lid to eliminate steam from hitting the underside of your cabinets


  • App and/or device-controlled brew time scheduling

  • Seamless one-button brewing with Instant Brew

  • Produces large batches (up to 10 cups) as well as single serve that can be brewed directly in a mug

  • Easy to clean components, clean cycle reminder, drip stop, and a removable water tank

“We’ve crafted a better brewer that celebrates the unique preferences and connections shared over a morning cup. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply curious, Aiden is here to enhance your journey,” continued Miller.

Aiden Precision Coffee Maker is now available for presale for $365 on, shipping in September. Each presale purchase includes three bags of coffee from renowned roasters – Onyx Coffee Lab, La Cabra, and Verve Coffee Roasters – made specifically for Aiden with scannable roast profiles while supplies last. Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year standard warranty, extendable to 3 years with product registration.

For further details and pre-orders, visit

About Fellow

Fellow is on a mission to give people the gear, guidance, and coffee to make the brewing routine a moment of creativity. Inspired by the need for high-quality equipment to properly brew high-quality coffee, Fellow brings the confidence of the specialty coffee world into the lives of everyday coffee lovers, from the curious to the prosumer.

Fellow’s products and services include kettles, grinders, French presses, mugs, and a seasonal selection of exclusive, limited-release coffee from roasters around the world. Fellow’s Stagg EKG Electric Kettle, Ode Brew Grinder, Opus Conical Burr Grinder, and Carter Move Mug have won several renowned awards and accolades, including the Specialty Coffee Association Awards, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Dezeen Awards.

Founded in 2013, by CEO Jake Miller, Fellow is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information about Fellow visit

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