In Order to Improve Children’s Health, South...

In Order to Improve Children’s Health, South Korea Bans Coffee in All Schools

South Koreans like to drink coffee, and even buy a cup of coffee at school to refresh themselves. However, such a scene is about to disappear in the South Korean order to promote healthier lifestyles among children, South Korea is to ban the sale of coffee in every school.

High-caffeine products such as energy drinks were already restricted in South Korean schools, but coffee was typically available in vending machines and kiosks for teachers.Teachers will also be stopped from buying coffee products at work as part of a wider government campaign to reduce the consumption of food and drink high in caffeine and calories.

The ban, which comes into force on 14 September, will mean coffee cannot be sold in any primary or secondary school across the country.

“The revision aims to create healthy eating habits among children and teenagers,” a Ministry of Food and Drug Safety official told the Korea Times. “We will make sure coffee is banned at schools without fail.”The ministry said there were concerns about coffee causing dizziness, heart palpitations, sleep disorders and anxiety among pupils, many of whom reportedly turn to high-caffeine products to stay alert during lessons.

In 2016 the country consumed 2.3kg of coffee per person, according to the International Coffee Organisation. The figure is one of the highest among Asian countries, although only roughly half the amount consumed by the average American.

South Korea’s coffee consumption has doubled since 1990 in a boom stimulated by the arrival of Starbucks. A 2012 survey of more than 5,400 middle and high school students found that 19% consumed one or more cups of coffee each day, with more than half saying they drank some form of caffeinated drink to wake up, despite being aware of the harms of consuming too much caffeine.

“We have notified schools of the coffee ban across the nation through cooperation with the education ministry,” the official said.