Facebook to Open Pop-Up Cafes for Privacy Checkup ...

Facebook to Open Pop-Up Cafes for Privacy Checkup Education

Facebook is going to launch its first ever pop-up cafe inside The Attendant on Great Eastern Street in London for two days on August 28 and 29. And there will be another four popping up across the UK between August 28 and September 5.

The Facebook cafes will be giving out free coffee. But! The coffee is just what seduces people into the coffee house. Based on a recent poll by Facebook, 27% of Londoners have no idea how to customize their privacy settings on the platform. The company will therefore take this opportunity to encourage people to take part in their privacy checkups, and educate them how settings work and how they can help users share in a better way.

According to an announcement of the US Financial Trade Commission last month, it might fine Facebook $5 billion for its data violations and privacy practice. With an increasing criticism over the company’s protection of users’ personal data as well as a growing awareness of digital privacy, Facebook has recently redesigned its website with the aim of putting privacy at the forefront of the site.