Drink Single Origin Coffee in Its Liqueur Form

Drink Single Origin Coffee in Its Liqueur Form

As a coffee lover, you may have been on top of the world when you could taste coffee in your favorite liqueur. But now, you may be able to taste your favorite single origin coffee in Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. Right, it is even cooler!

The Australia-based company has been on the market for years and famous for its production of cold brew coffee liqueurs. But it is now expanding its product range, boasting a series of single origin coffee cold brews. According to the company, each release will focus on coffee from a specific region, working with local farmers. The first release is Colombian coffee, which rolled out last month. Priced at US$49, the liqueur is limited only to 6,000 bottles worldwide.

As explained by Mr Black Co-founder Tom Baker, “Before Mr Black, coffee liqueurs were over-sweetened and full of fake, candy flavors. Our single origin puts real, specialty coffee on a pedestal.”

Besides, the company aims to support small-scale farmers and local communities to make it possible for serious coffee lovers to access the finest sustainably grown specialty coffee from different origins.