Decaf Pouch: A New World or Not

Photo: Decafino

This may be great news for those who are looking for a decaffeinated beverage: A magic pouch that can remove caffeine in any such drinks in just five minutes. The tea-bag like pouch is called the Decaf Pouch from Decafino, a US-based company, which is expected to be launched in May, 2020.

As an ongoing crowd-funding project on Kickstater, the Pouch and the technology behind have attracted much public attention worldwide. According to its Kickstarter page, the Pouch can be used for any type of caffeinated beverages, ranging from coffee, tea to sodas. Each pouch is for volume up to 16oz, or 473ml. Developed by a group of chemical engineers and scientists, the pouch is filled with small beads which act like magnets to absorb caffeine. It is said that the beads are made from plant extracts and earth minerals, natural and safe.

Photo: Decafino

The company aims to promote the technology and pouches in cafes and restaurants as the choices of decaffeinated drinks are limited and the cost for a drink like decaf coffee is much higher. As the company claims, by using the Decaf Pouch, customers can order any drink from the current menu as decaf. It is said that Decafino has analyzed the coffee on a molecular level to isolate caffeine molecule from thousands of other flavors and aroma compounds. This means that coffee lovers would not compromise on the taste if they opt for a decaf coffee with the Decaf Pouch.

The pouch also suits to home users. Thinking about having a cuppa in the late evening or simply cutting back on caffeine, the pouch will make the switch so easy.

Method 1: Coffee / Tea 

Method 2: Coffee Pourover

Method 3: Coffee Brewers