Cosmos Coffee Sensory Feast to be Held at Deutsche...

Cosmos Coffee Sensory Feast to be Held at Deutsches Museum

The world’s largest museum of science and technology, the Deutsches Museum, is about to display a rich sensuality of coffee as it launches a new exhibition, Cosmos Coffee, on 4thJuly.

The multi-sensory exhibit will create a “coffee trip” for visitors, from coffee’s historical and societal background to the dynamic beans, and to the latest research and development. According to the museum, the average consumption of coffee by every German reaches 162 litres per year, which exceeds that of water or even beer. In this case, Cosmos Coffee is to provide its audience a knowledgeable experience with pleasure covering biology, chemistry, technology, economy and cultural dimensions of coffee.

The Deutsches Museum is collaborating with 37 top-class exhibits exploring the technology of coffee machines. As said curator Sara Marquart, “from Melitta Bentz’s first hand filter from 1908 along with models by Faema and Cimbali from different periods right up to the V12 engine block coffee machine.”

There are also other technologies including the classis Moka Bialetti 1933 from the Collection Enrico Maltoni, La Marzocco’s revolutionary Leva and etc.

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