A New Add-on for Your Routine Coffee

A New Add-on for Your Routine Coffee

With more consumers becoming health-conscious, brands in smoothies and fruit drinks see the potential boost market. So does Coffee Booster, a Canada-based company. But it chooses a different path to blend a flavorless functional add-on into your morning coffee.

The ingredients used in Coffee Booster are vitamin or herb based without any flavor, which makes it easy to incorporate into your coffee just like cream and sugar, according to the company. There are five varieties of booster available now, namely Collagen, Mind, Immunity, Multivitamin and Antioxidant. The Collagen is sourced from grass-fed American beef, which is the top seller of the series. Just add one teaspoon for your coffee to get 600mg of collagen, plus 25mg of Vitamin C.

Free from sugar, gluten and dairy products, Coffee Booster contains zero calorie. Now, it is available both online and in some 4,000 retailers across Canada and the United States. You can find it in popular health brands like GNC too.