10 Reasons to Go to Coffee Shops

There are many reasons to keep going to one coffee shop and become a loyal customer.

First, here are some facts: coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, after oil; coffee provides jobs for 25 million farmers, mostly in equatorial countries a.k.a. the ‘coffee belt’; over 500 billion cups are consumed every year; it’s a $100 billion dollar industry; according to Statista, in 2016/17, consumers around the globe drank about 157.38 million 60kg bags of coffee.

People want more and more coffee and this market situation is lead by 10 reasons behind people’s love for coffee shops. We dug deeper and found out several reasons why people love cafes:

1.You’re Getting Coffee

Whether it’s how you start your morning or how you keep on pushing into the afternoon, coffee is one of the most popular daily beverages. Specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year and account for nearly 8% of the 18 billion dollar U.S. coffee market. Coffee statistics show that among coffee drinkers the average consumption in the US is 3.1 cups of coffee per day. Thanks to developing coffee markets- like mainland China, where the average person consumes just three cups of coffee per year, according to Euromotion- there’s still a lot of room for the bean business here to grow and get new patrons for their comfy coffee shops.

2.You’re Getting a Caffeine Fix

You were doing so well this morning until you blacked out. The next thing you know, you’re standing in line and it’s your turn to order. A cup of filter coffee typically contains around 90 mg while an espresso contains 80 mg of caffeine.

After you drink coffee, the caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream. From there, it travels to your brain. Many controlled studies in humans show that coffee improves various aspects of brain function — including memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general mental function. So by drinking coffee people not just boost their energy level, but also their mood, concentration and memory.

3.You’re Getting Breakfast

We all live in a rush and getting breakfast in a coffee shop seems more like reality nowadays, rather than a caprice. So on the way to work you always have warm breakfast and hot cup of coffee. There are so many breakfast options available nowadays from McDonalds to upscale cafes. For example, this year Nestlé China launched its long-term healthy a series of campaigns: “Healthy Breakfast”, “Pleasure Break” and “More Exercise”. In collaboration with Chinese government and Meituan-Dianping, the leading third-party delivery and takeout platform, Nestle aims to promote a healthy breakfast.

As more and more young professionals in China join work forces, there is a big demand for take-away breakfast, that is usually ordered through delivery platforms. Focusing on growing group of customers and giving them exactly what they need from their first minutes of the day might be a great idea. Just to mention only few of coffee brands that Nestle owns: Blue Bottle, Nescafe, Nespresso, Ristretto and Dolce Gusto. In addition, Nestle recently bought Starbucks’ packaged coffee business.

4.You’re Stalking Your Barista Crush

Like in any other business, your frontline employees are your business’s prime connection to the customer. They not only make the coffee, they have a huge role in determining the culture of your business. It does little good to spend a fortune on the best coffee if the person making the cup makes a poor-quality latte or is surly to the customers. A friendly, skilled barista at a coffee shop can be a huge asset to your coffee shop.

5.You’re Doing Some Studying

It’s test day and you’re sipping on some cold brew, organizing your flashcards, going over the study guide and listening to a lecture you found on YouTube. In fact, sitting next to someone busily typing away can increase your own concentration and mental effort. In two experiments, Belgian psychological scientists Kobe Desender, Sarah Beurms, and Eva Van den Bussche demonstrated that — under the right circumstances — concentration can be contagious. Which explains why it is so hard to do work/studying at work and why so many people tend to do it in coffee shops.

Having a lot of students in your shop, might be actually beneficial. Take as an example Shiru Cafe, a Japanese-owned coffee shop on Brown University’s campus. This coffee shop started to give away free cups of coffee to students in exchange for their personal information: name, phone number, email address, concentration in school, as well as professional interests. By doing so, students agree to receive information – via logos, apps, digital ads displayed in stores and on mobile devices, signs, surveys and well-briefed baristas – from the corporate sponsors who pay for those roasting beans. Moreover, as students give away their personal information via an app on their personal phones, Shiru Café might gain big amount of data on their consumers that they can later sell. Huge data in exchange for a free cup of coffee? Easy.

6.You Like the Vibe

You’re an artist/creative of some kind and this is where your best ideas manifest onto paper. There’s just something about the smell and energy of a coffee shop that gets your creative juices flowing. You somehow managed to drag out sipping a single 50 cent shot of espresso to 4 hours so they don’t ask you to leave, which is honestly impressive.

7.You Don’t Have Internet

One more situation that we all faced: no WiFi at home and all the neighbours’ have password harder than 12345678.

In this situation there is only one option: going out for a cup of coffee and unlimited Internet access in a neighbourhood café. Successful coffee shop owners have moved past just selling coffee to creating environments that encourage longer visits: surfing the Internet, working from their laptops, or communicating with friends, family, and colleagues. Wireless technology is changing the way people live. Hotspots (internet access areas that deploy wireless technology) can be found in airports, hotels, and coffee shops. Some offer free access while others require paid subscriptions. Offering free wireless Internet in a coffee shop is one sure way to boost the chances of success. People are now given the option to make a connection over a cup of coffee and over the internet.

8.You Want Instagram Likes

We all working through the adulthood in the 21st century and social media is a huge part in today’s social interaction.

That is why many people see it as a part of their (not necessarily real) self-identity and as a stepping stone to advance their modelling/singing/designer/hair dressing career. What better way to do it than ordering two cappuccinos by yourself to make the picture seem like you’re with someone, throw a Hudson filter on it (or even go all the way with VSCO), then add the hashtag #PicOfTheDay or #FoodPorn? You may leave 5 minutes later, but self-branding game on level.

This Instagram obsession works also other way around and builds brand image of a coffee shop: according to research by Zizzi, 18-35-year-olds spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30 per cent would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak. As for the reasons why: people like to know if they will enjoy their experience/food/drink even before going there. Basically saving time and money and getting to know if they will be able to take nice pictures-talking about enjoying design and vibe. Social Media is a good way to check whether your team is resonating with your crowd. If people are posting lots of pictures, you know you’re doing something right.

9.You’re on a Business Meeting

Business isn’t just conducted while at work. It can happen anywhere. Even before WeWork appeared, people were seeking less official and uptight work atmosphere. So they do not only work in coffee shop but also have job interviews or business negotiation meetings. As a social hub, coffee shop gives you feeling of a community working together rather than two separate sides discussing their terms, which makes people more open and willing to perceive other views and ideas.

10.You’re on a First Date

You finally got her/his number and it’s time to meet in real life (unless you met each other for the first time offline and not in Tinder). The plan is to go to an artisan coffee shop so your date knows you’re cool. Choose wisely or you just might lose your potential coffee mate.