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World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan 2024’ Opening Its Door on May 1st

 World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan will be held at BEXCO, Busan from May 1st to 4th 

 Busan has been announced as the first destination for the World of Coffee Asia‘

– You can meet the most outstanding barista at the ‘World Barista Championship 2024’

 Early bird tickets are available on the official website by Apr 28th

The Busan Metropolitan City and the Specialty Coffee Association are hosting the “World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan 2024,” organized by Exporum, the host of the Cafe Show Seoul from May 1st (Wednesday) to May 4th (Saturday) at BEXCO, Busan.

The World of Coffee is a globally renowned specialty coffee exhibition held annually in Europe to promote the development of the global coffee industry, talent cultivation, and activation of the specialty coffee community. Its significance is paramount as it is being held for the first time in Asia, specifically in Busan, South Korea. With an expected gathering of over 20,000 global attendees, including over 11,000 industry professionals from 120 countries, the event is already generating excitement for its potential contribution to both the event itself and the local economy.

The ‘2024 World of Coffee’ will feature participation from over 280 domestic and international coffee companies showcasing coffee-related products, technologies, and services, as well as introducing the coffee and brands of domestic and international roastery cafes through the Roaster Village exhibition hall. Additionally, the Specialty Coffee Association’s ‘SCA Community Lounge’ will provide networking opportunities with global coffee professionals, as well as operate a “cupping room” where various domestic and international coffees can be experienced and evaluated, along with seminar programs to experience and promote new coffee cultures, making it a representative coffee event worldwide, offering diverse experiences and trends.

In addition, the ‘World Barista Championship’ will be held concurrently with the World of Coffee Busan, since after 7 years since its last occurrence at COEX during the Cafe Show Seoul 2017, drawing participation from barista representatives from over 60 countries in the competition towards the championship.

During this World Barista Championship, various activities will be organized for visitors to BEXCO from May 1st to 4th, including coffee brewing demonstrations and tastings by renowned baristas from around the world at the Brew Bar. Additionally, networking events such as the Barista Party will be arranged for baristas participating in the championship.

Especially, it is already drawing a huge attention since its announcement, as the World Barista Championship has been a threshold for baristas to become global coffee stars, including Jooyeon Jeon, the first Korean Champion in 2019, Paul Bassett in 2015, and James Hoffman in 2016.

The hosting of the “2024 World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan” is expected to generate positive ripple effects not only for the domestic coffee industry but also across various aspects of the Asian coffee industry. This event is anticipated to bring about positive impacts such as fostering economic value through related industries and derivative content production, revitalizing tourism in the Busan area, and enhancing the social and cultural values through the spread of global recognition of Busan as a “coffee city” through K-coffee.

Furthermore, as Exporum is hosting the event, which has an experience of hosting the “World Barista Championship” in 2017 along with operating expertise from other global coffee events like the “Cafe Show Seoul”, there are high expectations for the “World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan 2024” to be very successful.

Yannis Apostolopoulos, the president of the Specialty Coffee Association hosting the “World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan 2024”, expressed expectations that the event will serve as an important milestone in advancing Korea’s coffee industry and opening a new chapter for ‘World of Coffee Asia.’ He stated, “We anticipate that the successful hosting of the ‘World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan 2024’ will mark a significant beginning, with the Specialty Coffee Association, Busan Metropolitan City, and Exporum working together to shape the culture and future of the Asian coffee market, emerging as a major hub for specialty coffee.”

Meanwhile, coffee enthusiasts and visitors interested in attending the “World of Coffee & World Barista Championship Busan 2024” can purchase discounted early bird tickets for both single-day and 4-day passes on the official website until April 28th.

Source: World of Coffee