Iberital Vision: The most awarded espresso machine

Iberital Vision: The most awarded espresso machine

Iberital VISION is a professional espresso coffee machine that has been designed following three principles -healthiness, energy efficiency and connectivity- to be a class leader. It is aimed to be used at coffee shops, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels to brew premium espresso coffee, all kind of tea and herb infusions, and use steam for heating milk and perform latte art. It is the result of teamwork by the design team and the engineering team, and its development has been partially funded by Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program by EU agency for SMEs, EASME.

Iberital Vision achieves its goals (healthy, sustainable and connected) thanks to a new design of the hydraulic circuits, electronic controls, sensors and actuators, use of new materials and state-of-the-art human-machine interface. At the same time, Iberital Vision achieves the best features for a professional espresso coffee machine: – Multiboiler design for coffee with independent programmable group temperature, brewing temperature stability and repeatability, and stepper motor gear pump for flow and pressure profiling during brewing – A new tea water system that uses fresh water and in which the user can select a desired temperature and volume.

For being an example of smart design and crafting quality, for its innovative technology and for its ecological commitment. For all these reasons, VISION achieves 5 international awards and is in the path of becoming the most awarded espresso machine.



International Design Academy

“For the synthetic and rational design, brutalist-inspired, with which Iberital pursues to define the next generation of coffee machines” highlights the prestigious Italian award.


EID Award

Appliance Design

The award given by Appliance Design magazine took into account VISION aesthetics, human factors, and technical merits: “We want to recognise the most outstanding achievements in innovation, design and functionality”.


Green Good Design Awards

The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Centre for Architecture

“This award rewards technological investigation expressed in terms of sustainability and sensible decisions on materials, as well as innovation combined with the elegance of design and aesthetic impact.”    

ADI-FAD Selection Delta Awards

Industrial Design Association linked to FAD, Fostering Arts and Design

VISION has been highlighted within a set of new products that, being “committed to our environment, safety and social responsibility”, contribute to “comprise the tangible and intangible culture of an era.”

German Design Awards 2019

The German Design Council

VISION has been recently nominated by the jury of the German Design Award 2019 to participate in one of the competitions with the greatest impact in the European design scene.


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