Victoria Arduino Adds AI Technology to Eagle One M...

Victoria Arduino Adds AI Technology to Eagle One Machine

July 10(Global Coffee Report) – Victoria Arduino has announced the development of the Virtual Intelligence Scale (VIS) that will be integrated into the Eagle One coffee machine experience.

VIS has been developed exclusively by Victoria Arduino to digitally estimate the right dose in the cup using an algorithm calculation. Users simply need to set their desired weight in grams so that VIS can automatically monitor the flow in order to produce the right dose in the cup.

The technology is a virtual scale based on an AI algorithm that favours even faster workflow than the previous version of Eagle One, as well as dose monitoring for every shot. It allows the Eagle One to be an even smarter and higher performing system with fast and simple programming.

According to Victoria Arduino, VIS is not only easy to use and innovative, but the technology works entirely in the coffee machine without the need for additional components, with the exception of waste removal.

Eagle One was developed by Victoria Arduino to respond to market demand and reduce environmental impact by embracing new technology. Carbon emissions from power consumption are reduced using new materials along with the unique design of the machine.

The compact nature of the VIS ensures it does not affect Eagle One’s minimal, sustainable, and contemporary design.

Victoria Arduino says that with the VIS, Eagle One continues to guarantee the perfect balance between design, innovation and sustainability to be able to offer a memorable sensorial experience to both baristas and customers.

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