Trick or Treat? Starbucks Launches Limited-Edition...

Trick or Treat? Starbucks Launches Limited-Edition Halloween Ranges Worldwide

In order to celebrate Halloween, Starbucks, who always embraces the adorable side of festivals and attracts many customers by those cute limited-edition products across the world, does the trick again. As the festival is coming soon, new products are now available at Starbucks in several countries for this special date.

Starbucks Japan released their limited-edition Halloween drinkware range. LED Lid Night Parade Double Walled Sunny Bottle is a travel bottle with black cats carrying Starbucks paper cups and white ghosts in green aprons. Upon the lid, there’s a switch for operating the LED bulb inside the cap, which lights up the design to create a spooky-looking beverage.

Cat Tail Strap Black Sunny Bottle features a fluffy cat tail that can be used with the bottle or clipped onto a bag. A great choice for those who love cats.

Ghost Cap and Lid Bottle Purple has a trick-or-treat ghost sitting on the lid.

In South Korea, six limited products are offered at Starbucks, which include two kinds of tumblers, toffee candy (which can also be used as a LED lamp), Witch Brew Mug, etc.

And in China, there are some several seasonal beverages and desserts, which “wear” costumes or with a grim face.

By the way, Starbucks China also launched the global debut of 11 coffee-and-tea based cocktails specialty at Shanghai Reserve Roastery. Wish ghosts, pumpkins and black cats can make you a happy Halloween!