Specialty Coffee Association Launches the SCA Skil...

Specialty Coffee Association Launches the SCA Skills Diplomas

Source: Specialty Coffee Association

The Specialty Coffee Association are pleased to announce the launch of the SCA Skills Diplomas; a new set of diplomas that recognize job readiness in the specialty coffee industry.

The SCA Skills Diplomas comprises four diplomas that give learners in-depth knowledge and practical experience that can be immediately applied in an industry setting. Each diploma requires a combination of advanced level learning and foundational coursework from all three of the SCA Certificate Programs; Coffee Skills Program, Coffee Sustainability Program, and Coffee Technicians Program.

SCA Skills Diplomas are:

  • Café Diploma

    • Hands-on learning to help you create, prepare, communicate, and promote specialty coffee experiences.

  • Coffee Trade Diploma

    • Learn about handling, evaluation, sensory analysis, and trade of green coffee.

  • Roastery Diploma

    • Deep dive into the development, production, quality assurance, and communication of roasted coffee.

  • Sustainable Coffee Diploma

    • Expand your knowledge about the development and implementation of best practices and projects that promote a more sustainable coffee industry.

Speaking about the development of the SCA Skills Diplomas, Dorit Lessard, Education Officer at Specialty Coffee Association, said: ”Our aim with the introduction of the SCA Skills Diplomas is to offer a recognition that clearly connects to specific jobs on the market. Each diploma’s prescribed set of courses were specifically chosen so holders of the diplomas are ready for success in several predominate roles in the consumer sector of the specialty coffee industry. If you are new to coffee, or want to grow your career in coffee, pursuing one or more of the SCA Skills Diplomas is a great next step.”

Diploma holders will have two ways to share their accomplishments with the world. In addition to printable certificates, learners will also be awarded a digital badge. These highly shareable icons can be embedded into social media bios, email signatures, websites and more. Viewers will be able to click on the badge to learn about the skills and courses they represent, to communicate the earner’s accomplishments to employers, clients, and peers.

Explore each diploma and learn about their specific focus and required courses at