Something New is on the Horizon: K-Rounds™ Plastic...

Something New is on the Horizon: K-Rounds™ Plastic-Free Pods

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K-Rounds™ are plastic and aluminum free pods created from expertly roasted, premium coffee beans that are ground, pressed, and wrapped in a protective plant-based coating, which preserves the coffee’s flavor and aroma. They are designed to be brewed at higher pressures than current single-serve options and are marked with a brew style code that the brewer automatically reads to get the authentic, full flavor, aroma, and richness of each coffee style.

K-Rounds™ will launch in various sizes to create your favorite coffee beverages like a bold espresso with velvety crema, an aroma rich traditional hot coffee, and refreshingly chilled cold coffee.

Best of all, K-Rounds™ can be disposed of like any other coffee grounds for a coffee experience you can feel great about. We expect K-Rounds™ to be certified compostable, and we’re working through that process now.

Plus, we’ve made sure that the Keurig Alta™ system is compatible with K-Cup® pods , so you can keep enjoying all the brands you love and expect from Keurig®.

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What’s Next: How you can get involved

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We are inviting you to join us on our journey as we reimagine single serve coffee from the ground up.

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Source: KEURIG