Out Of The Box from La Marzocco


La Marzocco announced the launch of its signature Out of the Box event taking place on Sat., Dec. 3rd in London, to present the ultimate designs in espresso technology, cross-industrial panels, SCAE competitions and specialty blends from all over Europe. Out of the Box is a destination event that is rich in content and dedicated to La Marzocco’s partners and coffee enthusiasts from around the globe. It is a cultural celebration, bringing together the local community through La Marzocco’s passion for amazing coffee.

Visitors are invited to experience a full-day agenda of interactive workshops, Q&A panels, the pop-up rotating roaster “True Artisan Café” format, the UK finals of Latte Art and Coffee In Good Spirits, and hands-on sessions with some of the most advanced pieces of coffee equipment within the industry, including the Strada AV and Modbar.

La Marzocco will also be hosting the “OOTB Christmas After-party” at the venue with live music and performances, street food and prizes.