Multiple German Latte Art Champion Daniel Gerlach ...

Multiple German Latte Art Champion Daniel Gerlach is new Brand Ambassador for WMF Professional Coffee Machines

photo / WMF

Award-winning barista and master latte artist Daniel Gerlach will now be supporting WMF Professional Coffee Machines as official Brand Ambassador for the WMF espresso Next semi-automatic portafilter machine. A virtuoso at the espresso machine, Daniel operates his own coffee shops as well as a roasting house and knows the challenges of the catering sector like no other: ideal qualifications for a “NEXTpert,” combining his passion for craftsmanship and art with his insight into the coffee business. For Daniel Gerlach, the Internorga 2024 fair presented the first opportunity to demonstrate his talents as Brand and Product Ambassador for WMF Professional Coffee Machines, as part of a brand-new campaign under the motto “Coffee culture´s new choreography, perfect repeatability turned into art”.

As three-time winner of the German Latte Art Championships, master trainer and this year’s German representative at the international SCA Latte Art Championship during the World of Coffee in Copenhagen, Daniel Gerlach is definitely one of the stars of the international barista scene. Originally a chef and pâtissier by profession, he discovered his passion for coffee while working in Switzerland. Back in Germany, he immersed himself in coffee preparation with a portafilter – the starting point of a career which was to earn him the title of German Latte Art Champion for the third time in 2024. Today, Daniel Gerlach also has his own roasting house with adjoining coffee store, the “Seven Hills Coffee Roasters,“ in Bamberg, runs one of Germany’s biggest barista schools, gives training courses for baristas and advises restaurateurs all over the German-speaking area. At the beginning of March, he became official Brand and Product Ambassador for WMF Professional Coffee Machines.

photo / WMF

His new role as Product Ambassador for the WMF espresso NEXT is custom-made for Daniel Gerlach, who has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by baristas and personnel in the catering trade all over the world: “Combining traditional portafilter technology with the advantages of automation is the perfect solution. The WMF espresso NEXT supports baristas over the entire brewing process. Whether you’re a newcomer or a professional: the WMF espresso NEXT gives you the perfect espresso every time,” says Daniel Gerlach.

But for Daniel Gerlach, his commitment to the new semi-automatic portafilter is only one aspect of his collaboration with WMF. As a consulting barista, he brings to the company his talent, his expertise and his unique perspective on the latest trends. His know-how also serves as input for communication tailored to the global speciality coffee scene and provides impetus for the development and manufacture of new products and technologies for innovative coffee machines.

photo / WMF

Coffee culture’s new choreography
For WMF Professional Coffee Machines, this partnership with Daniel Gerlach is the logical next step towards allowing people to experience the brand and the state-of-the-art portafilter WMF espresso NEXT live. And WMF is showcasing the new machine with the launch of its new, global campaign under the title “Coffee culture´s new choreography, perfect repeatability turned into art,” for example at the recent Internorga 2024 fair with live demonstrations of barista craftsmanship, latte art creations, sophisticated signature drinks and numerous other highlights. Axel Fähnle, Head of Global Marketing at WMF Professional Coffee Machines, summarises the message and aim of the campaign as follows: “Bringing together traditional preparation methods and automated processes, thereby guaranteeing unique and reproducible quality, is what brings the art of coffee creation to life.”

And WMF Professional Coffee Machines, supported by Daniel Gerlach as a barista and expert on the international coffee business, will be ensuring that the art lives on at other trade fairs. Interested visitors can profit directly from the skill and experience of a champion in live demonstrations, courses and contests – and at the same time experience for themselves the advantages of the WMF espresso NEXT.

About WMF
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