Middleby Acquires Synesso

The Middleby Corp. yesterday (Dec 2) announced its acquisition of Synesso, a Seattle-based designer and manufacturer of semi-automatic espresso machines.

Famous for its robost and innovative design, Synesso also performs well in energy efficiency, low maintenance, and easy operations in its machines, which allows the user to take precise control of pressure and temperature during the coffee extraction.

According to Middleby CEO Tim FitzGerald, the company is well-positioned within the beverage category offering some of the most advanced equipment in today’s fast-growing coffee market. He said, “Our Seattle-based coffee companies are able to provide operators with a variety of sought-after options including automated bean to cup, cold brew, nitro brew, traditional carafe and now semi-automatic espresso. There are strong synergies between Synesso and our current U.S. coffee brands Concordia, JoeTap and Ss Brewtech. Together, as a group, Middleby is a leader in the industry with coffee diversity and innovation.”


Photo from the Internet