Host a World Coffee Championship in 2021 or 2022

Host a World Coffee Championship in 2021 or 2022

Photo: Jeff Han

World Coffee Events (WCE) produces seven annual events under the World Coffee Championships (WCC) portfolio, which have seen continued growth thanks to the dedication and support of many partners across the specialty coffee community worldwide. A key component of these partnerships are the annual event hosts, including trade shows, supporting organisations, and their local communities, that host and help produce the championships.

WCE is pleased to announce that we are now accepting hosting proposals for World Coffee Championship events in 2021 and 2022. Hosting proposals for the 2021 competition will be prioritized, with a few different specific combinations of event stages desired:

Option 1: Host 3 stages (WCRC, WBrC & WCIGS/WLAC) or
Option 2: Host 2 of 3 stages (WCRC, WBrC & WCIGS/WLAC)

Option 1: Host 2 stages (WCTC/Ibrik & WBC) or
Option 2: Host 2 stages (WCRC & WBC)

Hosting one or more coffee championship is a way to bring many of the coffee industry’s best and brightest to the host show, and it is a great way to increase global visibility through both in-person attendance and visibility on WCE’s far-reaching global media and digital channels. To find out more about what it takes to host these events and how you can submit a proposal, please read the relevant documents below.

Hosting Proposal Review Process:

Submissions will be reviewed in consideration of the host’s experience with conferences and exhibitions and ability to meet the requirements in these documents. The host city will be considered for its areas of attraction, receptiveness for the event, and benefit to the WCE’s global representation and outreach. Host cities will be evaluated for accessibility and inclusivity using the SCA Event Site Criteria, under the strictest category, a “global compulsory event.”

2021 & 2022 World Coffee Championship Hosting Guidelines:
World Barista Championship
World Brewers Cup
World Latte Art Championship
World Coffee in Good Spirts Championship
World Cup Tasters Championship
World Coffee Roasting Championship
Cezve/Ibrik Championship

Submission Instructions:
All submissions should be sent as PDF documents. The deadline for 2021 proposals is March 16, 2020. The deadline for 2022 proposals is April 1, 2020.*

Please make sure the submissions include the following:
Name of Main Contact
Name of Conference
Executive Summary on the Conference
Proposed Location and Venue
Benefits of partnering with Host Conference
Information and Benefits of Host City
Proposed Budget
Financial Statements
Proposal for Planning Schedule

Please send submissions to before the deadline date.

*EDIT: Monday January 27, 4:00 PM GMT

An earlier version of this news post was published with a submission deadline that did not match the hosting guideline documents. The deadline for submission has now been clarified on this news post and the hosting guidelines. Proposals for 2021 should be submitted by March 16, 2020. The deadline for 2022 proposals is April 1, 2020.