Summer in Your Glass!

The best way to cool down in the hot summer is with a delicious, pretty cocktail. Here are two that are pretty much summer in your glass. Cheers!

East Meets West

The West Winds Sabre features native Australian botanicals Lemon Myrtle and Wattle Seed. As a juniper and citrus forward gin, it naturally complements the bright lemon/mandarin flavours in our homemade yuzu curd. Matcha tea powder’s earthy flavour both complements the wattle seed, and balances our citrus. Egg white and curd offer a delicately creamy texture creating a cocktail you’re going to want to reorder!


50ml The West Winds Sabre

40ml Yuzu Curd

10ml Cointreau

5 g Matcha Tea

Egg White or Aquafaba


Dissolve the Matcha in 15ml boiling water

Add all ingredients except egg white to shaker

Shake without ice

Add ice and shake again

Fine strain into coupe glass

Garnish with Matcha Powder

Sweet Spice of Spring

Spring into spring with our Blood Orange twist on an Iced Tea! The sweet spices are rich and warm in The Grove Spiced Rum, pairing with our aromatic oolong tea. Pairing a stonefruit such as peach adds a gentle sweetness especially when shaken with blood orange and cognac. Rather than adding all the tea at once, experience a change in flavour as our oolong tea ice cubes melt over time, leaving you with a refreshing tea finish!


50ml The Grove Spiced Rum

20ml Peach Syrup

30ml Oolong Tea

60ml Blood Orange Juice

10ml Cognac

Oolong Tea Ice Cubes


Add all ingredients to shaker

Shake hard

Serve in a highball glass over oolong tea ice cubes

Garnish with dehydrated blood orange, mint and a wedge of peach

Here is two creative and refreshing summer cocktail recipes from Spirits Box, a Craft Spirits Distributor & bar consulting firm based out of Shanghai, China, is run by Australian Hannah Keirl. Though now focusing on Australian Craft Spirits, Hannah has spent more than 10 years in the Cocktail Bar Scene across Australia, India & Spain. Her passions for quality & sustainability come through both in promoting handcrafted spirits and in creating elegant cocktails. Working across Asia with a variety of teas & fresh produce continues to inspire Hannah.

(All pictures were taken in Bird Bar, 58 Wuyuan Lu)